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Preparing to Study Abroad in 2021: 6 Things You Need to Know
Covid-19 has fundamentally changed a lot of things in a lot of lives. It has made health and hygiene a vital part of everyday life. The necessities of life have had to be re-evaluated, and a whole ...
Australia – Important visa advice for international students
Covid-19 brought global travel to a halt, along with many other plans for everyone around the world in 2020. With a new year though, things are changing. With vaccines being rolled out in most coun...
July 10, 2020
How Canada Higher Education Adapts to the COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 changed the face of education from traditional lectures and classes to the more modern virtual modes of lessons. The pandemic forced educational facilities to adapt to new ways of teaching...
March 25, 2020
The Most Common Mistakes When Applying to Study Abroad and How to Avoid Them
When making the decision about your higher education abroad there are several factors to consider, such as financing, picking the right university for you, accommodation, part-time work and more. E...