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Accounting (BS)
MS Accounting
African American and African Diaspora Studies (BA)
Agile Project Management (Online) (MS)
American Studies (BA)
MS Analytics
Anthropology (BA)
Applied Mathematics (BS)
Applied Microeconomics (Graduate Certificate)
Applied Statistics (Graduate Certificate)
Arab World Studies (BA)
Art History (BA)
Art History (MA)
Arts Management (MA)
Arts Management (Graduate Certificate)
Asian Studies (BA)
Asian Studies (Graduate Certificate)
Audio Production (BA)
****Audio Production
Audio Technology (BS)
Audio Technology (MA)
Biochemistry (BS)
Biology (MS)
Biostatistics (MS)
Biotechnology (MS)
Business Administration (MBA)
Finance (BS)
Clinical Biochemistry (Graduate Certificate)
Communication Studies (BA)
Comparative and Regional Studies (Graduate Professional Development Certificate)
Computer Science (BS)
Computer Science (MS)
Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security (Online) (MS)
Cross-Cultural Communication (Graduate Certificate)
Data Science (MS)
Data Science (Graduate Certificate)
Development Management (MS)
Economics (BS)
Economics (BA)
Economics (MA)
Education Policy and Leadership (Masters in Education)
Elementary Education (BA)
Entrepreneurship (Graduate Certificate)
Environment, Peace, and Conflict Resolution (Graduate Certificate)
Environmental Science (BS)
Environmental Science (MS)
Environmental Studies (BA)
European Studies (Graduate Certificate)
Film and Media Arts (BA)
Film and Media Arts (MFA)
Film and Media Production (MA)
MS Finance
Foreign Language and Communication Media (BA)
Forensic Accounting (Graduate Certificate)
French Studies (BA)
Translation: French (Graduate Certificate)
Language and Area Studies: French/Europe (BA)
Game Design (MA)
Game Design (Graduate Certificate)
Games and Interactive Media (MFA)
Gender Analysis in Economics (Graduate Certificate)
German Studies (BA)
Language and Area Studies: German/Europe (BA)
Global Environmental Policy (MA)
Global Environmental Policy (Graduate Professional Development Certificate)
Global Information Technology (Graduate Certificate)
Graphic Design (BA)
Health Inequity and Care (Graduate Certificate)
Health Promotion (BS)
Health Promotion Management (MS)
Healthcare Management (Online) (MS)
Healthcare Management (Online) (Graduate Certificate)
History (BA)
History (MA)
Human Resource Analytics and Management (Online) (MS)
Human Resource Analytics and Management (Online) (Graduate Certificate)
Instructional Design and Learning Analytics (Online) (MS)
Instructional Design and Learning Analytics (Online) (Graduate Certificate)
Interdisciplinary Studies: Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (BA)
International Affairs Policy and Analysis (MA)
International Affairs: Comparative and Regional Studies (MA)
International Affairs: Global Governance, Politics, and Security (MA)
International Affairs (MA): International Economic Relations
International Affairs (MA): Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
International Affairs (MA): United States Foreign Policy and National Security
International Communication (Graduate Professional Development Certificate)
International Development (MA)
International Economic Policy (Graduate Professional Development Certificate)
International Economic Relations (Graduate Certificate)
International Economics (MA)
International Peace and Conflict Resolution (MA)
International Peace and Conflict Resolution (Graduate Professional Development Certificate)
International Politics (Graduate Professional Development Certificate)
International Service (MIS) : Executive Track
International Service: International Studies Track (MIS)
International Studies (BA)
International Training and Education Program (ITEP) (MA)
Islamic Finance (Graduate Certificate)
Jewish Studies (BA)
Journalism (BA)
Journalism and Digital Storytelling (MA)
Journalism and Public Affairs (MA)
Justice, Law and Criminology (MS)
Legal Studies (BA)
Leadership for Organizational Change (Graduate Certificate)
Literature (BA)
MS Marketing
Mathematics (BS)
Mathematics of Information and Security (MS)
MS in Measurement & Evaluation: Course Descriptions (Online)
Music (BA)
Neuroscience (BS)
Masters Degree in Nutrition Education - Online Courses
Nutrition Education (Graduate Certificate)
Organization Development Curriculum (MS)
Peacebuilding (Graduate Certificate)
Performing Arts: Musical Theatre (BA)
Performing Arts: Theatre (BA)
Philosophy (BA)
Philosophy (MA)
Physics (BS)
Physics (BA)
Political Communication (MA)
Political Science (BA)
Producing Film, Television, and Video (MA)
Professional Science: Quantitative Analysis (MS)
Project Monitoring and Evaluation (Online) (Graduate Certificate)
Psychology (BA)
Psychology (MA)
Public Administration (MPA)
Key Executive Leadership (MPA)
Public Anthropology (MA)
Public Anthropology (Graduate Certificate)
Public Financial Management (Graduate Certificate)
Public Health (BS)
Public Health (BA)
Public Management (Graduate Certificate)
Public Policy (MPP)
Public Relations and Strategic Communication (BA)
Public Sociology (Graduate Certificate)
MS Real Estate
Real Estate (Graduate Certificate)
Religious Studies (BA)
Russian Studies (BA)
Translation: Russian (Graduate Certificate)
Language and Area Studies: Russian/Area Studies (BA)
School Administration, Supervision and Leadership (Graduate Certificate)
Secondary Education (BA)
Social Research (Graduate Certificate)
Sociology (BA)
Sociology Research and Practice (MA)
Spanish Studies (BA)
****Translation: Spanish (Undergraduate Certificate)
Translation: Spanish (Graduate Certificate)
Language and Area Studies: Spanish/Latin America (BA)
Special Education: Learning Disabilities (MA)
Sports Analytics and Management (Online) (MS)
Sports Analytics and Management (Online) (Graduate Certificate)
Statistics (BS)
Statistics (MS)
Strategic Communication (Online) (MA)
Strategic Communication (MA)
Studio Art (BA)
MS Sustainability Management
Tax (Graduate Certificate)
MS Taxation
Teaching (MA)
Terrorism and Homeland Security Policy (MS)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages [TESOL] (Graduate Certificate)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (MA)
The Americas (Graduate Certificate)
United States Foreign Policy (Graduate Professional Development Certificate)
Women, Policy & Political Leadership (Graduate Certificate)
Womens, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (BA)
Women Gender, and Sexuality Studies (Graduate Certificate)
Photography (BA)
International Arts Management (Graduate Certificate)
Biology (BS)
Chemistry (MS)
Chemistry (BS)
Dance (BA)
Data Sciences for Justice, Law and Criminology (BS)
Data Sciences for Political Science (BS)
Justice and Law (BA)
Agile Project Management (Online) (Graduate Certificate)
Computational Science (BS)
Mathematics and Economics (BS)
International Relations (Online) (MA)
Executive Leadership (Graduate Certificate)
Public Policy Analysis (Graduate Certificate)
Public Administration and Policy (Online) (MPAP)
Economics, Applied Economics Specialization (Online) (MA)
Health Promotion Management (Online) (MS)
Arabic Studies (BA)
Business, Language & Culture Studies (BS)
Audio Production (Graduate Certificate)
Analytics (Graduate Certificate)
Business Fundamentals (Graduate Certificate)
Business Administration (BSBA)
Business and Entertainment (BS)
****Teaching and International Peace / Conflict Resolution (Dual MA)
ESL Program At The English Language And Training Academy
Project Management Professional Exam Preparation (Graduate Certificate)
Master of International Service (MIS) for Experienced Professionals (Online)
Master of Science in International Relations and Business (Online)
Gender, International And Comparative Law (LL.M.)
Intellectual Property (LL.M.)
International Arbitration And Business Law (LL.M.)
International Business And Trade Law (LL.M.)
International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (LL.M.)
International Legal Studies (LL.M.)
Law & Government (LL.M.)
****International Affairs (J.D./M.A.)
****JD/MBA Program
****Law And Public Administration: JD/MPA
****JD/MPP Program
****JD/MS Program
Creative Writing (MFA)
Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights (MA)
Intercultural and International Communication (MA)
Literature, Culture, and Technology (MA)
Political Science (MA)
Studio Art (MFA)
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