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See the world and join the study abroad revolution! Experience exciting new cultures, traditions and customs by choosing to live and study internationally at Maynooth University. Get an edge on your peers by gaining industry centric and innovative educational experiences like no other in a world class institution. Find new interests and jump start your career by immersing yourself in your host country's education offerings, language and lifestyle. Make lifelong friends exploring all the exciting activities Ireland has to offer! Join the international student community and expand your horizons!
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University rankings
THE World University Rankings 351
QS World University Rankings 701
THE Young University Rankings 80
International students
Join thousands of international students studying at Maynooth University. You will be choosing a highly ranked university that values industry-based learning, innovative teaching and excellent graduate outcomes.

The best part? You will be living in beautiful Ireland – famous for its beaches, nature and exciting cities.
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B.Ed Bachelor of Education - Primary Teaching
B.Ed-Bachelor of Education Primary Teaching (Gaeltacht)
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Arts
BA Psychology
Bachelor Of Social Science
BA Media Studies
Bachelor of Science
BSc Biotechnology
BSc Physics with Astrophysics
BSc Theoretical Physics & Mathematics
BSc Biological and Biomedical Sciences
BSc Psychology
BSc Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry
BSc Mathematics With Education (Med)
Bachelor of Engineering
BSc Product Design (Marketing & Innovation)
BSc Robotics and Intelligent Devices
BA Finance
BBS - Business & Management
BBS Entrepreneurship
BCL - Law and Arts
BCL- Law and Criminology
BSc - Computer Science & Software Eng
BSc - Multimedia,Mobile & Web Development
BSc Computational Thinking
M.Ed. in Adult and Community Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Guidance Counselling
MA Classical Studies
MA Classics
MA Anthropology
MA Anthropology (Anthropology And Development)
****MA Cultural Differences & Transnational Processes(Creole)
MA Anthropology (Linguistic Anthropology)
Higher Diploma in Further Education
Higher Diploma in Social Policy
MSOCSC (Community and Youth Work)
MSOCSC Social Science (Rights and Social Policy)
MSc Immunology & Global Health
MSc Business Management
MSc It - Enabled Innovation
MSc Marketing
MSc Strategic Marketing
MSc Strategy & Innovation
Postgraduate Certificate in Anthropology
Postgraduate Certificate in Anthropology and Development
MA Chinese Studies
****Erasmus Mundus Joint Msc In Advanced Systems Dependability
Higher Diploma in Science (Computer Science)
Higher Diploma in Science(Software Development) F/T
MSc Computer Science (Applied)
MSc Computer Science (Software Engineering)
MSc Design Innovation
Higher Diploma in Arts (Finance)
Higher Diploma in Economic Science
Higher Diploma in Professional Accounting
MA Accounting (1 year)
MA Accounting (2 Year)
MSc Economic & Financial Risk Analysis (1 year)
MSc Economics (2 year)
MSc Economics (1 year)
MSc Finance
MSc Finance
M.Ed. School Guidance Counselling
Master of Education
Professional Master of Education (Secondary)
Meng Electronic Engineering (Embedded and Wireless Systems)
Higher Diploma in English
MA English: Literatures of Engagement
MA French
MA Modern Languages, Literature and Culture: Narratives of Conflict - French
Master of Education (Research in Practice) (Part Time)
Master of Education (Research in Practice) (Part Time)
Professional Master of Education (Primary)
MA Geography
MSc Climate Change
MSc Geocomputation
MSc Geograp.Information Systems & Remote Sensing
Higher Certificate in German Literature
MA Modern Languages, Literature and Culture: Narratives of Conflict - German
MA European History
MA Irish History
MA Military History and Strategic Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in History (1 Year Full Time)
MA International Development
MA International Peace Building, Security and Development Practice
Postgraduate Diploma in International Development
MA Mediation and Conflict Intervention
P/G Diploma In International Peacebuilding, Security And Development Practice (Full Time)
Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Intervention
Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Intervention (Peace Process Practices)
Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Intervention(Family Support Agency)
Higher Diploma in Legal Studies
LLM (Global Legal Studies)
LLM (International Business Law)
LLM (International Justice)
MA Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice
Postgraduate Diploma in International Business Law
Postgraduate Diploma in Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice
Postgraduate Diploma in Global Legal Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in International Justice and Law
Higher Diploma in Data Analytics
Higher Diploma in Mathematical Studies
Higher Diploma in Mathematics
Higher Diploma in Statistics
MA Mathematics
MSc Data Science and Analytics
MSc Mathematics
MA Critical and Creative Media
MA Creative Music Technologies
MA Irish Traditional Music
MA Music Composition
MA Musicology
MA Performance & Musicology
Postgraduate Diploma in Music Technology
Higher Diploma in Philosophy
MA Philosophy
MA Philosophy of Religion
MA Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Postgraduate Diploma in Philosophy
MA Sociology (Societies in Transition)
Pg Dip in Sociology (Societies in Transition)
Higher Certificate in Spanish and Latin American Literature
MA Modern Languages, Literature and Culture: Narratives of Conflict - Spanish
Postgraduate Diploma in Spanish
Higher Diploma in Mathematical Science
MSc Mathematical Science
BA Community Studies
BA Local Studies
BA (Applied Social Studies)
Bachelor of Social Science (Community and Youth Work)
BSocSc (Community and Youth Work) P/T
BSc Computer Sci & Software Engineering (Arts) (Csa)
BSc Multimedia, Mobile & Web Development (Arts) (Mwa)
BBs Business and Management (Bma)
BBs International Business (Inb)
BBS Marketing (Mkt)
BBS Equine Business
BBS Business & Accounting
BCL (Law And Business) (Lwb)
BSC - Mathematics and Computer Science (with Education)
BSc Multimedia, Mobile & Web Development (Mws)
BA International Finance and Economics (Ife)
BSc Quantitative Finance
BA Accounting and Finance
Bcl (Law and Accounting)
Bsc Science (With Education) (Sed)
BA Early Childhood - Teaching and Learning
Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
BSC Bachelor of Data Science
MEd Adult Guidance Counselling
MA Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Thought
MA Anthropology & Development P/T
Master of Social Science (Social Work)
MSc International Business
MA Applied Linguistics & Intercultural Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Studies
MSc Economic & Financial Risk Analysis (2 year)
Maynooth University Location
Mariavilla, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland W23 F2K8
South Campus South Campus
North Campus North Campus
Kilkenny Campus Kilkenny Campus
Maynooth University Maynooth University
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