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Accounting (MS)
Applied Meteorology (MS)
Art Education (MAT) Art Education, K–12 Certification
Arts, Leadership, And Learning (CAGS)
Athletic Training (MS) (Athletic Training, Professional)
Biology (MS)
Clinical Mental Health Counselling (MS)
Couples and Family Therapy (MS)
Curriculum and Instruction (MED)
Educational Leadership (MED)
Educational Leadership (CAGS)
Educational Technology Intergrator (MED)
English Education (MED)
Environmental Science and Policy (MS)
Experiential Learning and Development (MED)
General Management (MBA)
Health Education (MED)
Heritage Studies (MED)
Higher Education (EDD)
Historic Preservation (MA)
Hospitality and Tourism Management Certificate
Human Relations (MA)
Intergrated Arts (MED)
Language Education (MED)
Learning, Leadership, and Community (EDD)
Library Media (MED)
Literacy and the Teaching of Writing (MED)
Mathematics Education (MED)
Music Education (MED)
Online Instructional Design (MED)
Personal and Organizational Wellness (MA)
Physical Education (MED)
Physical Therapy (DPT)
School Counseling (MED)
School Psychology (CAGS)
School Psychology (MED)
Special Education (MED)
Adventure Education (BS)
Allied Health Sciences (BS)
Anthropology / Sociology (BA)
Art (BFA)
Art Education (K-12) (BS)
Art History (BA)
Biochemistry (BS)
Biology (BA)
Biology (BS)
Business Administration (BS)
Cell and Molecular Biology (BS)
Chemistry (BS)
Communication Studies (BA)
Computer Science (BS)
Criminal Justice (BS)
Criminology (BA)
Early Childhood Education (BS)
Electromechanical Technology and Robotics (BS)
Elementary Education (BS)
English (BA)
Environmental Biology (BS)
Environmental Planning (BS)
Environmental Science and Policy (BS)
Exercise and Sport Physiology (BS)
Finance (BS)
French (BA)
Geography (BS)
Health Education and Promotion (BS)
History (BA)
Information Technology (BS)
Interdisciplinary Studies (BA OR BS)
Management (BS)
Marketing (BS)
Mathematics (BS)
Meteorolgy (BS)
Music (BA)
Music Education (K-12) (BS)
Nursing (BS)
Philosophy (BA)
Physical Education (BS)
Political Science (BA)
Psychology (BA)
Psychology (BS)
Public Management (BS)
Social Science (BS)
Social Studies Education (5-12) (BS)
Social Work (BS)
Spanish (BA)
Sports Management (BS)
Theatre Arts (BA)
Tourism Management and Policy (BA)
Youth Development and Education (BS)
Afterschool Professional Certificate
Geographic Information Systems Certificate
Hospitality Management Certificate
Professional Sales Certificate
Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) Certificate
Criminal Justice Honour
AP 2010 Foundations of Adventure Education
AP 2210 Adventure Education Teaching Theories and Methods
AP 2300 Rock Climbing Fundamentals
AP 2309 Rock Climbing Fundamentals
AP 2400 Canoe Paddling Fundamentals
AP 2409 Canoe Paddling Fundamentals
AP 2500 Natural History and Ecology for Adventure Educators
AP 3101 Immersion Wilderness Expedition
AP 3108 AMC Wilderness Expedition
AP 3109 Wilderness Expedition
AP 3110 Challenge Course Fundamentals
AP 3201 Immersion Human-Nature Relationship
AP 3301 Immersion Adventure Leadership and Group Management
AP 3308 AMC Adventure Leadership and Group Management
AP 3309 Adventure Leadership and Group Management
AP 3310 Lead Rock Climbing
AP 3319 Lead Rock Climbing
AP 3320 Adventure Education Philosophy and Theory
AP 3400 Wilderness First Responder
AP 3401 Immersion Wilderness First Responder
AP 3408 AMC Wilderness First Responder
AP 3409 Wilderness First Responder
AP 3410 Whitewater Kayaking
AP 3419 Whitewater Kayaking
AP 3500 Adventure Processing and Facilitation
AP 3510 Outdoor Skills Clinical
AP 3709 Winter Backcountry Travel
AP 3810 Alpine Mountaineering
AP 3819 Alpine Mountaineering
AP 3880 Adventure Education Practicum
AP 3890 Adventure Education Clinical
AP 3950 Special Topics in Adventure Education
AP 3959 Special Topics in Adventure Education
AP 4200 Teaching Assistantship in Adventure Education
AP 4600 Risk Management in Adventure Education
AP 4880 Adventure Education Internship
AP 4910 Independent Study
AN 2100 Foundations of Anthropology
AN 3035 Ancient Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs
AN 3045 Ancient Mexico: Mayas, Aztecs, and Olmecs
AN 3205 Anthropology of Religion, Ritual, and Myth
AN 3210 Topics in Anthropology
AN 3215 Topics in Anthropology
AN 3265 Archaeology of Early American Life
AN 3295 Great Discoveries in Archaeology
AN 3405 Anthropology of Sub-Saharan Africa
AN 3415 Native American History and Culture
AN 3505 Illness, Wellness, and Healing
AN 3605 Forensic Anthropology
AN 4415 Methods of Social Research
AN 4605 Seminar: Theory, Practice, and Careers
AN 4610 Internship
AN 4910 Independent Study
ANDI 1205 Artifacts, Customs & Fossils: Studying Humans through Anthropological Prespectives
ANDI 1300 Ancient and Experimental Technology
ANDI 2205 The Science of Archaeology
LI 2000 Introduction to Language and Linguistics
LI 3500 Research in Applied Linguistics
LIDI 2020 Queer Language, Culture, and Identity
LIDI 2450 Creating Language
LIDI 2500 The History of the English Language
LIDI 2950 Language Acquisition
AE 1000 Introduction to Art Education
AE 2000 Foundations of Art Education
AE 3050 Methods and Materials for Art Education
AE 3060 Instructional Planning and Pedagogy for Art Education
AE 3100 Curriculum and Assessment for Art Education
AE 4020 Contemporary Topics in Art Education
AE 4910 Independent Study in Art Education
AE 4950 Art Education Internship in Teaching: K-12
AE 4960 Art Education Internship in Teaching: Secondary Component
AE 4970 Art Education Internship in Teaching: Elementary Component
AH 1130 Art History Foundations: 12 Monuments
AH 1140 Art History Foundations: Visual Culture
AH 2700 20/21: Art Since 1900
AH 3100 Contemporary Art Seminar
AH 3150 Museum Studies: Objects and Collections
AH 3170 Museum Studies: Trends and Practices
AH 3530 Arts of the Far East
AH 3540 Art and Ideas in the 19th Century
AH 3600 Arts of the United States
AH 3620 Mesoamerican Arts: Maya to Frida Kahlo
AH 3730 Renaissance Art in Southern Europe
AH 3750 Women, Art, and Society
AH 4500 Special Topics in Art History
AH 4880 Art History Internship
AH 4910 Independent Study in Art History
AHDI 1200 Exploring Art: Temples and Treasures
AHDI 1210 Exploring Art: Revelations and Revolutions
AT 2000 Introduction to Athletic Training
AT 2100 Introduction to Clinical Practice
AT 2750 Clinical Athletic Training I
AT 3000 Athletic Training Clinical Skills I
AT 3015 Clinical Integration
AT 3100 Athletic Training Clinical Skills II
AT 3250 Injury Assessment I
AT 3260 Injury Assessment Laboratory I
AT 3270 Injury Assessment II
AT 3280 Injury Assessment Laboratory II
AT 3350 Athletic Training Health, Prevention, and Management
AT 3400 Pharmacology for Allied Health Professionals
AT 3760 Clinical Athletic Training II
AT 3880 Athletic Training Practicum
AT 4015 BOC Test Prep
AT 4100 Administration of Athletic Training
AT 4200 Research and Statistics in Athletic Training
AT 4250 Rehabilitation of Injuries for Active Populations
AT 4260 Rehabilitation of Injuries for Active Populations Laboratory
AT 4500 Therapeutic Modalities
AT 4510 Therapeutic Modalities Laboratory
AT 4760 Clinical Athletic Training III
AT 4800 Clinical Athletic Training IV
AT 4880 Athletic Training Internship
AT 4910 Independent Study
BI 1110 Biological Science I
BI 1120 Biological Science II
BI 2030 Invertebrate Zoology
BI 2040 Vertebrate Zoology
BI 2070 Botany
BI 2110 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BI 2120 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BI 2130 Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I
BI 2140 Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory II
BI 2340 Microbiology for Nurses
BI 2360 Genetics for Nurses
BI 3025 Obesity – The Biology and Sociology of an Epidemic
BI 3035 Biochemistry I
BI 3040 Microbiology
BI 3060 Genetics
BI 3130 Evolution
BI 3210 Tropical Biology
BI 3240 Conservation
BI 3250 Ornithology
BI 3260 Freshwater Ecology
BI 4050 Ecology
BI 4100 Cell Structure and Function
BI 4150 Developmental Biology
BI 4170 Ecology and Development
BI 4190 Introduction to Research
BI 4200 Senior Research
BI 4600 Internship
BI 4610 Environmental Internship
BI 4750 Plant Diversity & Evolution
BI 4760 Animal Behavior
BI 4770 Animal Physiology
BI 4780 Neurobiology
BI 4800 Current Environmental Issues
BI 4910 Independent Study
BI 4950 Undergraduate Research
BI 4970 Biology Seminar
BIDI 1220 Biology Core Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
BIDI 1320 Biology Core Concepts: Cells, Genes, and Biotechnology
BIDI 1400 Plagues and Peoples
BIDI 1500 Insects and Society
BIDI 2010 Human Biology I
BIDI 2020 Human Biology II
BIDI 2050 Plants and Society
BU 1100 Business Computer Applications
BU 1152 Financial Accounting
BU 1500 Financial Reporting and Analysis
BU 2090 Exploring Topics in Business
BU 2240 Business Statistics
BU 2250 Introduction to Business Administration
BU 2262 Management Accounting
BU 2290 Organizational Communications
BU 2440 Business, Ethics, and Society
BU 2450 Principles of Marketing
BU 2480 Business Law I
BU 3040 Special Topics in Marketing
BU 3100 Financial Modeling
BU 3112 Intermediate Accounting I
BU 3122 Intermediate Accounting II
BU 3142 Cost Accounting
BU 3170 Income Taxes
BU 3180 Human Resource Management
BU 3210 Financial Management
BU 3220 Business and the Environment
BU 3240 Information Technology
BU 3280 Professional Selling Skills I
BU 3290 Professional Selling Skills II
BU 3300 Operations Management
BU 3310 Business and the Media
BU 3340 Consumer Behavior
BU 3350 Event Marketing
BU 3360 Marketing Research
BU 3370 Branding and Marketing Communication
BU 3380 Business Innovation
BU 3410 Labor and Employment Law for Managers
BU 3420 Organizational Behavior
BU 3430 Sports Law
BU 3450 Sports Marketing
BU 3460 Small Business/Entrepreneurship Marketing and Operations
BU 3470 Small Business Law and Human Resources
BU 3480 Social Media Strategy
BU 3525 Introduction to Globalization and Business
BU 3530 Real Estate Investment and Finance
BU 3550 Investment Principles
BU 3560 Land Use Law and Development
BU 3600 Introduction to Public Relations
BU 3720 Career Development
BU 4040 Business Law II
BU 4091 Current Topics in Business
BU 4100 Accounting Information Systems
BU 4122 Advanced Accounting
BU 4150 Auditing
BU 4200 Training and Development
BU 4210 Auditing Practice
BU 4220 Strategic Management
BU 4250 Marketing Management
BU 4260 Interpersonal Relations
BU 4330 Sales Management
BU 4340 Competitive Sales
BU 4390 Seminar in Finance
BU 4440 Global Marketing
BU 4530 Small Business/Entrepreneurship Finance and Accounting Methods
BU 4620 Business Internship
BU 4650 Professional Employment
BU 4700 Small Business/Entrepreneurship Capstone
BU 4910 Independent Study
BUDI 2300 Personal Financial Planning
BUDI 2650 Career Exploration
CH 1010 Majoring and Working in Chemistry
CH 1050 Laboratory Safety
CH 1335 Problem Solving in General Chemistry I
CH 1340 Problem Solving in General Chemistry II
CH 2010 The Literature and Ethics of Chemistry
CH 2250 Techniques in Laboratory Chemistry
CH 2335 General Chemistry I
CH 2340 General Chemistry II
CH 3011 Introduction to Research in Chemistry
CH 3035 Biochemistry I
CH 3210 Integrated Laboratory Experience
CH 3340 Quantitative Analysis
CH 3370 Organic Chemistry I
CH 3380 Organic Chemistry II
CH 3400 Instrumental Analysis
CH 3410 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Kinetics
CH 3465 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
CH 3500 Inorganic Chemistry
CH 3600 Environmental Chemistry
CH 4025 Biochemistry II
CH 4150 Air Quality
CH 4330 Science in Secondary School
CH 4531 Senior Research
CH 4600 Internship
CH 4910 Independent Study
CHDI 1500 The Science of Crime-Solving
CHDI 1760 Chemistry in Society
CHDI 1770 Chemistry in Society Laboratory
CHDI 1800 Chemistry For A Sustainable World
CD 1000 Children and Youth in Schools and Community
CD 2360 Foundations of Diversity
CD 3000 Philosophical and Historical Perspectives on the Child in Society
CD 3300 Competencies for Youth Development Professionals
CD 3400 Integrated Arts
CD 4050 Leadership and Advocacy for Children and Youth
CD 4100 Contemporary Issues in Childhood Studies
CD 4235 Childhood Studies Seminar
CD 4240 Youth Development and Education Seminar
CD 4330 Youth Development and Education Internship
CN 1015 Fundamentals of Chinese I
CN 1025 Fundamentals of Chinese II
CC 2200 Introduction to Sports Management
CC 2540 Coaching Effectiveness
CC 2660 Basic Athletic Training
CC 3100 Administration of Athletics
CC 3200 Applied Sport Coaching
CC 3300 Sports Facilities Management
CC 3500 Sports Event Management
CC 3780 Sport in Society
CC 3860 Psychological Aspects of Sports
CC 3880 Coaching Practicum
CC 3881 Sports Management Practicum
CC 4880 Coaching Internship
CC 4881 Sports Management Internship
CM 2000 Studies in Communication and Media
CM 2400 Public Speaking
CM 2500 Basic Argumentation and Debate
CM 2770 Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies
CM 2910 Human Communication and Conflict
CM 2991 Social Media Audience Engagement
CM 3000 Rhetoric and Semiotics
CM 3090 Technical Communication
CM 3120 Communicating Through Animation
CM 3400 Interactive Web Communication
CM 3480 Global Perspectives in the Media
CM 3500 Media Effects
CM 3510 Communication, Media, and Wellness
CM 3640 Communication Theory
CM 3670 Journalism
CM 3700 Media as Popular Culture
CM 3710 Film and Identity Politics
CM 3750 Film and Video Production Techniques
CM 3760 Advanced Digital Video Production
CM 3770 Advanced Video Art Production
CM 3800 Analyzing Television
CM 3810 Analyzing Film
CM 3850 Introduction to Game Design and Development
CM 3910 Topics in Media Studies
CM 3925 Topics in Screenwriting and Video Production
CM 3940 Social Media: Technology and Culture
CM 3955 Internship
CM 4090 Advanced Technical Communication
CM 4650 Communication Research Methods
CM 4870 Advanced Game Design and Development
CM 4900 Senior Seminar
CM 4910 Independent Study
CMDI 1100 Creating Games
CMDI 1200 Web Expressions
CMDI 2010 Outlaws, Delinquents, and Other "Deviants" in Film and Society
CMDI 2100 The Digital Imagination
CMDI 2020 Sex and Cinema in the 20th Century (and Beyond)
CS 1170 Computing Technology in Criminal Justice
CS 2010 Computing Fundamentals
CS 2080 Visual Basic
CS 2220 Computer Hardware
CS 2370 Introduction to Programming
CS 2381 Data Structures and Intermediate Programming
CS 2400 Scientific Programming
CS 2470 Systems Programming in C/C++
CS 2521 Introduction to Electromechanical Technology
CS 2525 Microcontroller and Distributed Systems
CS 2990 Algorithm Development Under Time Constraints
CS 3015 Mobile Application Development
CS 3020 Web Programming
CS 3030 Advanced Web Programming
CS 3221 Algorithm Analysis
CS 3240 Data Communication and Computer Networks
CS 3420 Introduction to Cybersecurity
CS 3440 Multimedia
CS 3500 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS 3600 Database Management Systems
CS 3650 Big Data Analytics
CS 3690 Robotics I
CS 3700 Computer Graphics
CS 3720 Systems Analysis and Design
CS 3780 Introduction to Computational Theory
CS 3820 Human-Computer Interaction
CS 3890 Engineering Design
CS 4140 Software Engineering
CS 4230 System Administration
CS 4250 Computer Architecture
CS 4310 Operating Systems
CS 4400 Computer Networks and Protocols
CS 4420 Computer Security
CS 4500 Topics in Computer Science and Technology
CS 4520 CyberEthics
CS 4690 Robotics II
CS 4760 Senior Project
CS 4790 Robotics III
CS 4910 Independent Study
CS 4920 Computer Science Internship
CSDI 1200 Web Expressions
CSDI 1300 Digital Media Creation
CSDI 1400 Computers: Past, Present, and Future
CSDI 1500 Computers: Fact, Fiction, Fantasy, and Film
CODI 2050 Helping Skills in Society
CODI 2060 Interpersonal Conflict Resolution
CJ 1020 Criminal Justice in Action
CJ 1060 Technology in Criminal Justice
CJ 2045 Criminal Procedure
CJ 2075 Corrections
CJ 2080 Crime and Criminals
CJ 2090 Criminal Law
CJ 2405 White Collar Crime
CJ 3005 Criminal Investigation
CJ 3015 Cybercrime
CJ 3025 Forensic Science
Athletic Training (MS) (Athletic Training, Post-Professional)
Shanghai American School Partnership
Accounting (BS)
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