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See the world and join the study abroad revolution! Experience exciting new cultures, traditions and customs by choosing to live and study internationally at Washington State University. Get an edge on your peers by gaining industry centric and innovative educational experiences like no other in a world class institution. Find new interests and jump start your career by immersing yourself in your host country's education offerings, language and lifestyle. Make lifelong friends exploring all the exciting activities United States of America has to offer! Join the international student community and expand your horizons!
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QS World University Rankings 400
Ranking Web of Universities 158
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Join thousands of international students studying at Washington State University. You will be choosing a highly ranked university that values industry-based learning, innovative teaching and excellent graduate outcomes.

The best part? You will be living in beautiful United States of America – famous for its beaches, nature and exciting cities.
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International Year One in Agricultural Sciences
International Year One in Architecture
International Year One in Business
International Year One in Computer Science
International Year One in Engineering
International Year One in Fine Arts
International Year One in General
International Year One in Journalism/Communication
International Year One in Mathematics
International Year One in Science
Graduate Pathway in Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles
Graduate Pathway in Applied Economics
Graduate Pathway in Architecture
Graduate Pathway in Chemical Engineering
Graduate Pathway in Civil Engineering
Graduate Pathway in Computer Science
Graduate Pathway in Curriculum and Instruction
Graduate Pathway in Educational Psychology
Graduate Pathway in Electrical Engineering
Graduate Pathway in Environmental Engineering
Graduate Pathway in Fine Arts
Graduate Pathway in Interior Design
Graduate Pathway in Language, Literacy, Technology
Graduate Pathway in Materials Science and Engineering
Graduate Pathway in Mathematics (Computational Finance)
Graduate Pathway in Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Pathway in Political Science
Graduate Pathway in Statistics
Academic English
Bachelor of Agricultural and Food Business Economics
Bachelor of Agricultural and Food Systems
Bachelor of Agricultural Biotechnology
Bachelor of Agricultural Education
Bachelor of Agricultural Technology and Production Management
Bachelor of Agriculture and Food Security
Bachelor of Animal Sciences
Bachelor of Data Analytics
Bachelor of Field Crop Management
Bachelor of Food Science
Bachelor of Fruit and Vegetable Management
Bachelor of Integrated Plant Sciences
Bachelor of Landscape, Nursery, and Greenhouse Management
Bachelor of Turfgrass Management
Bachelor of Winemaking (Viticulture and Enology)
Bachelor of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles
Bachelor of Architectural Studies
Bachelor of Art
Bachelor of Digital Technology and Culture
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Biochemistry
Bachelor of Bioengineering
Bachelor of Biology
Bachelor of Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences
Bachelor of Forestry
Bachelor of Genetics and Cell Biology
Bachelor of Microbiology
Bachelor of Neuroscience
Bachelor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences
Bachelor of Zoology
Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Finance
Hospitality Business Management
Bachelor of International Business
Bachelor of Management
Bachelor of Management Information Systems
Bachelor of Marketing
Bachelor of Wine and Beverage Business Management
Bachelor of Advertising
Broadcast News
Bachelor of Broadcast Production
Bachelor of Communication and Technology
Bachelor of English
Bachelor of Multimedia Journalism
Bachelor of Public Relations
Bachelor of Risk and Crisis Communication
Bachelor of Science Communication
Bachelor of Asian Studies
Bachelor of Chinese
Bachelor of Comparative Ethnic Studies
Bachelor of French
Bachelor of French Area and Culture Studies
Bachelor of Spanish
Bachelor of Economic Sciences
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Human Development
Bachelor of Music Education
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Construction Engineering
Bachelor of Construction Management
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Software Engineering
Bachelor of Athletic Training
Basic Medical Sciences
Bachelor of Nursing (BSN)
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Bachelor of Psychology
Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Bachelor of Sport Science
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music Composition
Bachelor of Music Performance
Computer Science
Earth Sciences (Geology)
Bachelor of Physics and Astronomy
Political Science
Bachelor of Anthropology
Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology
Bachelor of Social Sciences: General Studies
Bachelor of Sociology
Bachelor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Bachelor of Sport Management
Master of Accounting
Master of Science in Agriculture
Master of Science in Animal Sciences
Master of Arts in Anthropology
Master of Science in Applied Economics
Master of Architecture (MARCH)
Master of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Chemistry
Master of Sccience in Civil Engineering
Master of Arts in Communication
Master of Arts in Health Communication And Promotion
Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Science
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology
Master of Science Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
Master of Arts in Education – Curriculum and Instruction
Master of Education in Educational Leadership
Master of Arts in Education – Educational Psychology
Master of Arts in Education – Language, Literacy, and Technology
Master of Education in Language, Literacy, and Technology
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering – Vancouver
Professional Science Masters in Electrical Power Engineering
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Engineering and Technology Management – Metm
Master of Science in Entomology
Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
Master of Science in Environmental Science
Master of Fine Arts
Master of Science in Food Science
Master of Science In Geology
Master of Science in Materials Science And Engineering
Master of Science in Mathematics
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Pullman
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Vancouver
Master of Science in Molecular Biosciences
Professional Science Masters in Molecular Biosciences
Master of Arts In Music
Master Of Science In Neuroscience
Master of Nursing
Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Master of Science In Physics
Master of Science in Plant Pathology
Master of Arts in Political Science
Master of Public Affairs
Master of Science in Software Engineering
Master of Science in Soil Science
Master of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences
Master of Arts in Education – Sport Management
Master of Science in Statistics
Master in Teaching – Elementary
Master In Teaching – Secondary
Master of Science in Veterinary Science – Veterinary Clinical and Translational Sciences
Master of Science in Veterinary Science – Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Master of Science in Veterinary Science – Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience
Humanities: General Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Social Studies Teaching
Master Of Science In Agriculture – Food Science And Management
Master Of Science In Agriculture – Plant Health Management
Master Of Science In Apparel, Merchandising, Design And Textiles
Master Of Science In Biology
Master Of Science In Chemical Engineering
Master Of Arts In Communications – Strategic Communication
Master Of Science In Computer Science – Tri-cities
Master Of Science In Computer Science – Vancouver
Master Of Science In Crop Science
Master Of Education In Curriculum And Instruction
Master Of Arts In Educational Leadership
Master Of Arts In Education – Special Education
Master Of Education In Special Education
Master Of Science In Electrical Engineering – Tri-cities
Master Of Arts In English
Master Of Science In Environmental Engineering – Tri-cities
Master Of Arts In History
Master Of Science In Horticulture
Master Of Arts In Interior Design
Master Of Science In Mechanical Engineering – Tri-cities
Master Of Science In Molecular Bio sciences
Master Of Science In Natural Resource Sciences
Master Of Science In Plant Biology
Washington State University Location
Pullman, Washington, United States of America WA 99164-1227
Pullman Campus Pullman Campus
Vancouver Campus Vancouver Campus
Spokane Campus Spokane Campus
Tri-Cities Campus Tri-Cities Campus
Everett Campus Everett Campus
Global Campus Online Global Campus Online
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