Bachelor of Bionanotechnology (Honours)
at University of Wollongong
4 years
128,448 per course
Bionanotechnology is an emerging field that combines principles from biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics to understand and control biological processes at the molecular level.Using bionanotechnological approaches, revolutionary advances are being made in the biomedical sciences, varying from the visualization and manipulation of individual molecules, the use of nanoparticles to deliver drugs to specific sites in the body and the development of nanofabricated architecture to read out the sequence of DNA.A Bachelor of Bionanotechnology (Honours) will place you in a unique position to undertake an exciting, interdisciplinary career in biotech industry, pharmaceutical industry, academic biomedical research, government policy, patent law, and many other fields.This degree will give you the knowledge and concepts associated with bionanotechnology, knowledge of the principles from biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics associated with the understanding and control of biological processes at the molecular level.In addition, you will gain the technical and cognitive skills associated with bionanotechnology, exercise critical analysis of observations and data from primary and secondary sources, communicate knowledge and ideas clearly and coherently to others through a variety of media and integrate and apply knowledge and skills associated with bionanotechnology to plan and execute a substantial research project.
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