Bachelor of Conservation Biology (Honours) (Dean's Scholar)
at University of Wollongong
4 years
128,448 per course
Conservation Biology is the study of the Earth's biodiversity and is concerned with managing and protecting species and ecosystems. Conservation Biologists work with government and non-government agencies to explore the interaction of scientific research with policy and management to develop strategies to minimise the impact of humans on their environment.The Bachelor of Conservation Biology (Honours) (Dean's Scholar) is a practical degree that will give you the knowledge and skills needed to become a conservation biologist and undertake postgraduate research. A significant component of the degree involves experience in how research skills are incorporated into policy and management of biodiversity through contact with practising conservation biology researchers from the School of Biological Sciences.This degree is for high achieving students, in recognition of their meritorious performance. As a Dean’s Scholar, you will be invited to participate in networking, enrichment and mentoring opportunities that will give you a valuable edge when entering the job market.
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