Bachelor of Marine Science (Honours)
at University of Wollongong
4 years
128,448 per course
Marine Science is the study of the ocean. Marine scientists look into the biological nature and capacity of oceans, their impact on human society, and the conservation and environmental management of marine and coastal resources and regions. They spend their time observing, defining and experimenting with coastal processes, biodiversity and climate change, as well as using emerging technologies to ensure the sustainable management of these environments.The Bachelor of Marine Science (Honours) takes advantage of the diverse NSW South Coast environment, which is an ideal location to undertake specialist marine training. This setting provides substantial fieldwork opportunities in addition to the extensive laboratory-based learning you will undertake during the course. The specialist Honours marine science training, combined with a broad background in biology and geosciences, opens up a range of employment opportunities in organisations such as State Fisheries, CSIRO, museums, local councils, and environmental consultancies.
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