Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology (Honours) (Dean's Scholar)
at University of Wollongong
4 years
128,448 per course
Medical Biotechnology is the application of exciting advances in molecular and cell biology to medicine, agriculture and the environment. Through modern technologies such as genetic engineering, biotechnology is shaping diverse aspects of medicine (cancer, vaccines, therapy and diagnosis of genetic diseases), food production (transgenic plants), and industry (bioremediation).The Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology (Honours) (Dean's Scholar) provides you with the tools and knowledge to work in both medicine and bioremediation. It encompasses the exciting and rapidly evolving fields of proteomics, genetic engineering and advanced techniques in molecular analysis. A new generation of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, hormones and anti-inflammatory agents are being developed using these technologies. This degree will provide you with the tools and knowledge to work in biomedical science research and the biotechnology industry, which is at the forefront of these developments.This degree is for high achieving students, in recognition of their meritorious performance. As a Dean’s Scholar, you will be invited to participate in networking, enrichment and mentoring opportunities that will give you a valuable edge when entering the job market.
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