Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry (Honours)
at University of Wollongong
4 years
128,448 per course
Medicinal Chemistry covers all elements of the development of new medicines for human use, including the isolation of new medicinal agents from natural sources, the design and synthesis of new drugs, and understanding the cause of diseases at the molecular level. Medicinal chemists design and synthesise new medicinal and pharmacological agents, monitor guidelines for testing drugs and analyse drug regulatory affairs, assess patent applications for new drugs, and teach in tertiary institutions.The Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry (Honours) provides excellent training in the modern techniques of chemical science applied to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic agents. During the fourth (Honours) year of this degree, you will undertake a substantial piece of independent research in Medicinal Chemistry, under the supervision of a leading researcher, together with other course work. On completion you will be ready for a career in the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies (health, agriculture, food and drug administration), or research organisations.
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