Bachelor of Psychological Science - Bachelor of Commerce
at University of Wollongong
4.5 years
146,016 per course
Psychology is the study of who we are and how we think, feel, act and change. This knowledge helps us improve wellbeing and psychological health. Understanding people's motivations and actions can provide valuable insight into the world of business: how we work, organise ourselves and assign value to things, and what constitutes responsible and ethical decision-making.Businesspeople are a flexible and diverse group of professionals who think strategically and critically to solve complex problems. The strategic thinking and data analysis skills you will gain from studying commerce are significantly valuable when applied to the planning, running or reviewing the scientific studies and reviews that underpin modern psychology.Double degrees are designed to broaden students' skill sets, reduce study cost and length by combining two different degrees, and give you a competitive advantage in the workforce. You can also complement your Psychology and Commerce studies with minors and electives from disciplines in Social Science, Arts and Science.
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