Bachelor of Science (Environment)
at University of Wollongong
3 years
95,184 per course
Environmental science is the study of the interaction between living and non-living elements of the environment, and how humans impact on these elements. Environmental scientists use a multi-disciplinary knowledge base to assess, research, and manage a wide range of environmental issues.The Bachelor of Science major in Environment is a multi-disciplinary degree that draws together concepts from geosciences, biological sciences, chemistry, and physics. This degree develops wide-ranging capabilities involving fieldwork, mapping, computing and laboratory skills. The superb local marine and coastal habitats, amidst fresh-water and terrestrial ecosystems means Wollongong is ideally located for unique field experiences to enhance studies of the environment.This course is ideal if you would like to complete a science-based environmental degree with career paths in environmental assessment, monitoring and management, or to consider trending jobs related to environmental sustainability, renewable energy, transitions from rural to urban landscapes, and urban greenspaces.
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