Bachelor of Social Science
at University of Wollongong
3 years
79,776 per course
Social Science looks at why and how we live the way we do. The social sciences look at society and social behaviour to understand, explain and change human behaviour to positively transform the lives of individuals, families and communities.Social Scientists work in diverse social environments to identify issues and develop strategies for solutions to social problems. Nationally and globally there is a demand for social scientists who are able to understand the complex and changing needs of societies in the face of technological, economic and social changes that constantly affect the smallest of communities to the largest of continents.The UOW Bachelor of Social Science involves a common foundation of compulsory social science subjects in first year, followed by a major in one of our specialisations. You will complement your degree with minor study area from any field in the University offering cross-faculty enrolment. You can also study abroad, or stay local and undertake activities to build your cross-cultural communication skills.
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