Doctor of Philosophy Integrated (Information Science)
at University of Wollongong
4 years
135,936 per course
The Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) is a four-year research degree which incorporates a traditional three-year PhD thesis with one year of coursework subjects, combining generic research training and discipline-specific content into a single degree.The coursework, which is undertaken in the first year of the degree, comprises research training skills and individual coursework subjects. Research skills are tailored for each faculty, but typically include: research methodology; literature review, critical analysis, or laboratory projects; and advanced topics or a minor research project. The individual subjects are normally chosen from options within the Masters by Coursework degrees within the relevant faculty, thereby allowing students to obtain deeper content knowledge in a specific discipline area.International students intending to become university researchers and teachers in their home country will benefit from exposure to Australian teaching methods through these subjects.The research component is the same as for the three-year PhD program leading to the production of a written thesis. The thesis, which involves a significant contribution to a field of knowledge, must be a minimum of 80,000 words and no longer than 100,000 words in length. Each PhD candidate has two supervisors.In order to progress to the research component, PhD Integrated students must complete the first year with an average of 75%, including 75% in each research training skills subject. Students progressing to the research component will have developed their specific research topic before commencing the research component.
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