Doctor of Philosophy Integrated (Sciences)
at University of Wollongong
4 years
144,960 per course
The Doctor of Philosophy Integrated (Sciences) is a four-year research degree which incorporates a traditional three-year PhD thesis with one year of coursework subjects, combining generic research training and discipline-specific content into a single degree. The research component is the same as for the three-year PhD program and leads to the production of a written thesis. Each PhD candidate has two supervisors.We encourage you to identify potential supervisors who match your area of research interest by visiting the UOW Scholars website. We also advise you make contact with a potential supervisor to discuss your project prior to applying for admission.The coursework, which is undertaken in the first year of the degree, comprises research training skills and individual coursework subjects. Research skills are tailored for each faculty, but typically include: research methodology; literature review, critical analysis, or laboratory projects; and advanced topics or a minor research project.International students intending to become university researchers and teachers in their home country will benefit from exposure to Australian teaching methods through these subjects.
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